This preparation is created to cure troubles with erection in men. It is the main constituent of a well-known preparation Cialis.

Pharmacological Action

It is a preparation for the curing of erectile dysfunctions. Tadalafil enhances blood flow in the organ by relaxing the smooth muscles. In induces no significant changes in healthy examinees.


Middle-aged men take medication at a dosage of 20 mg, at least 16 minutes before the intercourse. Examinees can perform attempt intercourse any time within 36 hours after the dosage to find out the optimum response time to the preparation.

Cialis tadalafil The maximal advised frequency of admission – 1 p / day. For older men a special dosage is required. A specific dosage is needed for the examinees with impaired renal and liver function.

Adverse Effects

These pills may be a reason for some unwanted effects. Nevertheless, these do not happen very often. Most often adverse effects are:

  • Headache;

  • Back pain;

  • Myalgia;

  • Nasal congestion;

  • Flushing;

  • Swelling of the eyelids;

  • Eye pain;

  • Dizziness.

Very rarely there may occur:

  • Myocardial infarction;

  • Stroke;

  • Chest pain;

  • Palpitations;

  • Hypotension or hypertension;

  • Retinal vein occlusion;

  • Blurred vision;

  • Optic neuropathy;

  • Impaired field of vision;

  • Priapism and delayed erection;

  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome;

  • Exfoliative dermatitis;

  • Rash.


Tadalafil 3D There should be taken into account the probable risks of complications in examinees with CVD:

  • Myocardial infarction;

  • Unstable angina;

  • CHF (II FC and higher classification NYHA);

  • Uncontrolled heart rhythm disorder;

  • Hypotension;

  • Stroke.

This preparation should be used with caution in examinees with a predisposition to priapism, or in examinees with anatomical deformation of the organ. It is also contraindicated for women and children younger than 18. There should be also accounted the sensitivity to the composition of the preparation. It restricted to use it with any nitrates.

The Usage

This preparation is available in the form of tablets, which are taken orally. In using this preparation for the curing of male impotence, you need to follow your physician's instructions and the accompanying guidance. There are two ways to use it – every day and when it is necessary for the intercourse. Talk with a specialist about the proper dosage it for you. It is sometimes used, if necessary, at least 30 minutes prior the sexual intercourse and not more than once p/day. A specialist will determine time that fits you the best for the implementation of this preparation. It is also sometimes used once daily, regardless of the time of sexual activity. You may feel sexual desire at any time between meals. If you take the preparation on a systematic basis, take it the same time. If you have individual characteristics of health or are using definite medicine, your physician may recommend you to use the medicine rarely or may appoint a smaller dosage for daily administration. Follow the indications on the packaging, or consult a specialist if there are some things, which do not fully understand. Take it exactly as intended. Do not break the dosage while taking the preparation and do not use it more frequently than it is recommended by your physician.

Attention! We want to emphasize not to put to use this or any other preparation of the same or similar action without a consultation of a specialist, as it is a very strong preparation. Any change of the dosage without prior advice of your physician is also unlikely. You are not competent in these matters. Self-curing can be very hazardous for your health.